1995 4 door Cummins.

1995 4 door Cummins.


Holden, Mo | Posted October 11, 2018


Dakota Moore


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Year: 1995
Type: Diesel Truck
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 3500
Transmission: Manual
Drive: 4WD
Mileage: 193000


Some call it the holy grail. Some call it a unicorn. I call it the cowboy Cadillac. This RARE 4 door 2nd gen Cummins could be yours for the small price of only $15,000. That’s all it takes. That’s it. 15 grand and you’ll be dropping panties at every flyin J and loves truck stop across America. Under the slightly aged lookin hood of this beast is the motor of all motors. The old trusty 12 valve Cummins. Not only does it sound like you’re at a tractor pull every time you go through a tunnel or under a overpass because you got that foot feed smashed to the ground but it smokes like a pulling tractor too. Raw and untamed horsepower. Sitting back behind the ol 12v is none other than a NV4500 5 speed tranny. Don’t have to worry about your woman askin who “Allison” is anymore. These tranny’s have been known to pop 5th gear off due to a nut backing off but as of 10/5/18 that is no longer a issue. Tranny nut was fixed and royal purple fluids now flow through its veins. Transfer case was also serviced and new fluid was put in. Along with two new batteries and a alternator. Up under the skirt of this cowboy Cadillac is 6 new tires. Nothin too awfully special but she cruises down the road pretty nice. Speaking of cruise, the cruise does work. The heat will fry bacon and air conditioning will freeze your nips off. The body on this big girl is not in prefect shape but it’s also 23 years old. Most 23 year olds now days been rode hard and put away wet, c’mon. The body itself is pretty sold but the rocker panels are in rough shape. Looks like someone tried to fix them once and didn’t do a very good job. The frame is solid and rust free. Now if you look at the seat it appears a mountain lion got ahold of it. That’s not the case. That is the results of all the women tryin to claw at you to get to you when they see this glorious beast comin through their town. On the back of this automobile is a pretty decent flatbed with all the lights working. It’s set up to be a welding car but can be taken off to just be a normal pickup. I’ll leav the boxes and pole on but the machine and tools stay with me. This truck is ready to rock and roll. I pulled my 2014 Cummins 500 miles with it without a problem